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Great Sentiment

The actual item is a little smaller than I thought and a little hard to read but it is very pretty.


Perfect for my new soon to be Wife and Home.
God Bless you!

Delighted customer

Absolutely beautiful & very well done & great product… well worth price … in fact it another one!

Just what I needed!

I love the song on the butterfly, I got one for me and little Christmas bonus for friends & Family.

Have not received my order

Butterfly car ornament

I love it, every time I look at it while driving I start to sing the song!

Beautiful Gift idea

I have purchased these sunflower silhouettes for 2 of my granddaughter to add to their gifts for Christmas. These are just the thing for them to be reminded how loved and important they really are.

They are okay

The image that was shown was very pretty and looked amazing. The ornaments I received do not look as beautiful as the images shown.

Beautiful and different

I bought this as sunflowers are my favourite plants. The words remind us of who we are in Christ and it's a way of witnessing to others without initiating the conversation or steering it in that direction.


I havecit hanging from my rearview mirror. Constant reminder to think of my Lord and Savior! Thankyou!!

Sunflower Silhouette Ornament

I was very pleased with my order and so was the person who received this gift from me.

tButterfly Surrounded By The Glory Car Hanging Ornament

Lovely! I especially love the color!

Butterfly Surrounded By The Glory Car Hanging Ornament

Sunflower silhouette

I purchased 2 of these.
1 for my Daughter. When she opened it she loved it and put it straight in her car.
The other was for myself.
I’ve put it in my car. I love when the sun shines on it. And when i’ve stopped I have a quick look and smile. It’s very pretty

Hanging Ornaments

I really like the ornaments and they will make great gifts!

They are beautiful the chain on one of them was broken but they are beautiful Can't wait to give them as gifts

Butterfly Surrounded By The Glory Car Hanging Ornament

Sunflower Silhouette God Says You Are Ornament


This is so pretty. I love it. I didn’t realize that it had plastic to be removed and at first I was disappointed that it was so dull. Then I realized the plastic was there and peeled it off and it is beautiful.

Faith Ornament

The ornament is very beautiful I really liked it. I gifted one of them and my friend loved it. Really beautiful.

Nice ornament and it will make a great gift!

I love it

It's so beautiful, I love it.

Really very beautiful

I was a bit disappointed at first was when I opened them. In the picture it looks like the petals are cut out but what I saw was a very plain plastic flower with not a lot of colour and I nearly sent them back because I expected something different. BUT!!! as I looked closely I realised there was a plastic film over the ornament to protect it and it was not easy seen I really had to look close at them to see it
When I removed this what a difference it made they were beautiful and I am so pleased with them.
I am writing this so that anyone else buying these will be aware of this film and if they are giving these as gifts to also make the receiver aware of this as well
I'm looking forward to giving these as gifts Elsie Crockett

Butterfly Surrounded by your glory

Love it!! It makes me smile looking at it hanging on my rear view mirror.


I bought 3, one to keep for myself and the others my close friends. I must say I am impressed, loved it, the quality, the size, the color, the words and my friends loved it as well! Smaller than I thought but loved it. I love looking at the ornament from my rearview mirror. Positive affirmations of who God says I am.